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L. D. Ervin

The Value of History


     In February 1982, Lerone Bennett, an African American scholar, author and historian, in an article in Ebony Magazine recalled being told by listeners that “people are too busy making the future to be bothered with the past.”

     Mr. Bennett, responding to this kind of thinking replied, “the past is not something back there; it is happening now. We are immersed in it [history], no matter what we say or do. And what that means on the level of specifics is that history is knowledge, identity and power.” 


     Inside the Chisolm Trail is not just another biographical document. As a historical treasure, history opens the door to knowledge, identity and power. Any history can serve as a bridge for troubled waters; a source of light to any darkness. The revealing testimony of the past has been known to provide food and drink for the hungry and thirsty body; a strong foundation for a sinking soul. History awaits your attention!  

Rev. Dr. L.D. Ervin

About The Author

  • Rev. Ervin, a United Methodist ordained clergy currently serves in an extended ministry appointment as a Chaplain with the Ohio Civil Air Patrol, an official auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Having served 31-years in a non-commissioned officer status, he has attainted the rank of Captain, with duties to include leadership and ministry in preparing youth for life through educational, physical, discipline, and spiritual development.  
  • The influence from his African and European ancestors, as well as his many experiences, including “running away” from home at the age of thirteen; service in the military and federal law enforcement; author of three other books, as well as the presence of Christ in his life prepared him for the writing of this story.  

About The Book

The Ultimate Love Story

For over 700-years “royal leaders,”identified as the Chisolm Clan, who assumed the surname of “Chisolm”

governed an area known as Scotland. During the early 1700s, the royal family and descendants fled Scotland after

losing a war with England. 

     The Chisolm Clan, led by four brothers, began settling on the east coast of the Americas, including the area of Charleston, South Carolina. The love practiced by the Chisolm Clan for each other is best expressed through the common practice of marrying their cousins. 

Janie Mason, a descendant of the Chisolm Clan, filled with the love poured out upon her from her ancestors, deviated from the traditional expectations. However, Janie continued expressing her love by eloping and marrying not only a non-relative but marrying a former slave, Samuel. 

Janie walked away from a life of wealth, power and influence to freely express the love embedded in her by her ancestors. Her union with Samuel led to a family of eleven children. Rev. Ervin is the grandson of the third child of Janie and Samuel, who were committed to living a life that displayed God’s love.  


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